We are glad you found us. We are an ecologically conscious store offering hand crafted unique products and materials. We provide pre-built or build to suite products typically using reclaimed or ecologically sourced materials.
We believe in sharing information and growing together as a community. So we offer our building plans free of charge for you to use as you see fit. You can build it yourself, have someone else build it, or have us build it. We also offer AutoCAD drafting services to help you create your own plans.
We craft custom and unique sustainable products that you can order. From garden beds, to decorations, to composters, to gravity feed water systems, and much more....
Do you have an idea but need help bringing it to life? We offer full service design & consulting services that will help bring your ideas to life, we can even draft them into design plans or take them all the way into production so you have a real working example of your idea.

I can change the world, make a better place, make a kinder place, clean up the earth, and reach out to you, with my own two hands.

Jack Johnson